Adding Compliance Calendar Events

The Compliance Calendar provides users a visual display of an organization’s regulatory deadlines, permits, tasks and much more.

Here’s everything you need to know about adding events to your compliance calendar:

Start from the Compliance Calendar. Select “Add New”

You are then presented with a series of fields to fill out. The only required field is the Event Name. Everything else is optional.

Basic Info

“Event Tags” can be edited from the “Tag” menu on the main Calendar page, which can be found here:

“Advanced Tags” are your Datalist items.

The “Regulatory Obligated” field is a Yes/No field where you can decide whether something is regulatory or not. It doesn’t control anything else throughout site, but this can be filtered later.

Event Description is a brief summary of your event, with any relevant links, comments, or anything you want your employees to be aware of.

Assign To

An Action Item is something that will stay incomplete, until someone goes in and says that they completed it. If the task is assigned to you, you can select “Start task”…

then select “Mark done” to mark an action item as Complete.

A non-action item is something that doesn’t ever need to be marked done. It can be used as a reminder to complete a task.

Both action items and non-action items can still be assigned to other individuals or groups of employees via the “Task is Visible To” section.

Event Time

You are able to control everything around time from this section. First choose whether the event takes place on a single day or whether it lasts for multiple days, such as a week-long event meant to highlight the importance of conserving natural resources.
You can also choose the date of the event, when to be notified, and whether or not the event repeats.

The “Estimated Time of Completion Per Assignee” field is just for record-keeping on the List View; it does not show up anywhere on the Calendar view.

Finally, we have the Attachments section.

You can choose to attach specific forms that are available from your Forms section, or you can attach any file you wish directly from your computer.

To add more Forms to be used on the Calendar, please visit your Forms page.

Please feel free to reach out to support with any questions: [email protected] or 833-497-2688 (ext 1)